Music:Juke Bottle Casino
Track(s):Magnet Juice
Release date:July 7, 2007
Protagonist(s):"Look of disapproval" characters
Main antagonist(s):"Awesome smiley" characters
Body count:10
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Vomit is the third animation of the Madness-based shorts. Unlike the other shorts, Vomit focuses on violence similar to that of the main series.


The animation starts outside the Secret Hideout. Three characters with the "look of disapproval" approach it, holding an L22, an MP5K, and a PPK. One of them places an explosive on the door and detonates it, and the explosion kills two of the "awesome smiley" characters inside. The three characters then advance slowly through the room whilst firing, killing the other eight "awesome smiley" characters. A closeup is shown of the presumed leader of the trio. He smokes a cigarette and says: "WE KILLED THEM ALL. IT WAS NOT FUNNY".

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