Alright, so what I've been doing lately is adding new community stuff. I mean, ok. This wiki gets regular edits. But other than that, it's pretty quiet. Most people keep to themselves. So I'm going to be working on some brand new community stuff, and perhaps expanding and improving the old community portal and forums .

So what's new? Well first of all, I've added a new gadget to the homepage; The Poll of the Month. So what's this? Well, it's basically a poll, and admins will ask the people of the wiki an opinionated question about Madness Combat and stuff (Other admins can vote too!). You can find this poll box at the bottom of the homepage and on the sidebar of the Wiki Activity page, which is probably viewed more often than the homepage. :P I've already put up our first poll for the month of June (because we are at the end of May), which is Who is your favourite character? Once July 1st comes along, we'll swap out the poll with a new one, and stick the results on this page.

I've also tossed a weapons box to the homepage as well, for convenience and as a space filler. And along with the weapons box, I recoloured all of the templates. I think a darker colour helped it blend in with the homepage and the rest of the wiki, as well as helped to make the texts easier to see.

But yea, that's all that's new for now. Stay on the lookout for more.

~T96 is Awesome! Talk 23:54, May 26, 2012 (UTC)