Well, I just thought I'd share this, because it was really weird. I had a dream- about the wiki. I know right, who has a wiki appear in their dreams? :S

Anyway so at one point I'm browsing teh net, and then I go onto the good ol' Madness Combat wiki, as I do every day. But I realize that someone has dramatically changed the homepage into a much crappier version. And I'm like, whaat? So I go to go rollback the edits, but (for some reason) I can't do it, because whoever changed it had edited the homepage over 50 times and I couldn't find the one where it was good looking that I last changed. Even though in real life on the wiki it would be easy.

So then I find out that whoever edited the homepage was actually an admin from the past who turned into a major douchebag, and still had his admin powers. So he wrecked havoc, and I seemed to be the only admin trying to stop him. Then efforts were useless, and it seemed that every time I refreshed the page, something new changed on the wiki. The homepage, the theme, the background, the wordmark, etc. And then I realized that he assimilated the wiki into something new (for what reason I dunno).

He turned it into a Lego Batman wiki.

So much wat. ._.