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    Well, I just thought I'd share this, because it was really weird. I had a dream- about the wiki. I know right, who has a wiki appear in their dreams? :S

    Anyway so at one point I'm browsing teh net, and then I go onto the good ol' Madness Combat wiki, as I do every day. But I realize that someone has dramatically changed the homepage into a much crappier version. And I'm like, whaat? So I go to go rollback the edits, but (for some reason) I can't do it, because whoever changed it had edited the homepage over 50 times and I couldn't find the one where it was good looking that I last changed. Even though in real life on the wiki it would be easy.

    So then I find out that whoever edited the homep…

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    I also posted this on my Newgrounds page . Oh, and sorry, Clifftybonbons, I beat you to making a guide. :3 UPDATE: D'oh! I guess I didn't beat you, Mr. Cliff.

    Alright. So 1.7 came out for M:PN. Pretty sweet. Tons of new stuff. Zombie Arena Mode, new gear, weapons, sounds, squadmates, options, etc. Love'n it.

    So Zombie Mode, pretty brutal. Since I was in my 60's waves in normal Arena Mode, I started off in my 60's in Zombie Arena Mode. Not good, especially since I wasn't prepared to fight off hoards of zombies. Thankfully, I read the comments and didn't bring my precious scoped M-249. Which now has been down-grated; perks no longer apply, it can overheat, and it decreases your speed when you carry it. But anyway, I died of course, at the green…

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    New Stuff

    May 26, 2012 by Tarantulaben

    Alright, so what I've been doing lately is adding new community stuff. I mean, ok. This wiki gets regular edits. But other than that, it's pretty quiet. Most people keep to themselves. So I'm going to be working on some brand new community stuff, and perhaps expanding and improving the old community portal and forums .

    So what's new? Well first of all, I've added a new gadget to the homepage; The Poll of the Month. So what's this? Well, it's basically a poll, and admins will ask the people of the wiki an opinionated question about Madness Combat and stuff (Other admins can vote too!). You can find this poll box at the bottom of the homepage and on the sidebar of the Wiki Activity page, which is probably viewed more often than the homepage. …

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    Well, I'm actually on the VIA Rail Train, going to see my family right now, so I'll be quick.

    I'll start off by saying, Merry Christmas! Or, well, "Happy Holidays". :\

    And then I'll top that off by saying, yippie! Me, BludDMess, Tyrant Hero, and El Zilcho have been promoted to admins. Pretty sweet. I've also now configured the wiki theme, which now looks pretty sick. Anyway, enough of that, now time to explain the title of this blog.

    The front page. I have obtained the original source code for the wiki, and I'm trying to put it back together again. However, I don't want to just nuke the new page I created, so I will combine them both and make some new graphics as well. I also am hoping to add some other fancy whatnots if I can get it right, a…

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    December 4, 2011 by Tarantulaben

    I finished the front page. I might add more whatnots if I'm bored, but otherwise this is it. However, I might expand the Characters section to include smaller icons of the 1337 Crew, A.T.P. Agents and the Sheriff. Oh, and those fancy new OBSV Agents.

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