• Spacegod105NG

    Collab from spacegod105

    December 18, 2013 by Spacegod105NG

    News from collab:

    No More Member.

    and the collab begin:


    1) send me fla file then swf file but madyellowblood send to me only swf file.

    2) 550 * 400 pixels.

    3) background color is = black.

    4) action script 2.

    5) use only macromedia flash 8.

    6) frame rate 30.

    7) its spam collab no porn collab.

    8) no break rules.

    9) 2 clip to 5 clip.

    10) 50 frames to 500 frames.

    11) change the libray name.

    12) no more member.


    15.1.2013, maybe.

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