(this is just an idea)


Hank and Sandford escaped and are at a valley right now.Hank managed to pick up his MAG M249 and Sandford still has his Ruger.Suddenly,the trademark warning sign appears from the ground and makes a circle like pattern.Hank fires at the sign,and Demon tricky (but this time black and with the halo (keystone fragment but its only half remaining now) ) appears.Hank dumps the whole magazine at Tricky,but he isnt affected.Hank trys to electro-punch him,but still does nothing. Tricky then does the same as the Auditor.Summons the OA-93 (not the game version) and starts shooting at Hank and Sandford.They both duck in the ditch the sign made and decide on a plan.Hank jumps out of the ditch,holding something and throws it at Tricky.The object turns out to be sand,blinding Tricky.They both then run to a nearby building,where they massacre lots of 1337s and ATP's.On the top floor (6th) they find a huge armory guarded by a Mag Agent V4,who is quickly dispatched by Hank.When they get in the armory,they both say OMG as they see the crates,lockers and shelves full of guns.

Meanwhile outside,Tricky is seen bashing into the building with dozens of ATP's and 1337's following him.Then an off-screen charging is heard and the screen goes white then every ATP and 1337 is cut to pieces,with heads detached and full of gunfire.Tricky notices an 1337 (Sandford) intact,and orders him to search for the cause.The 1337 does so,but midway about,they are ambushed by Hank in G03LM Mk2 armor,doning a Mag size Minigun and a Mag katana.They proceed to fight Tricky,while a normality restoration blast starts above them.Hank notices it,grabs Sandford and get out of the building by jumping from a window,just before the blast is fired.The scene cuts to Hank's view of the building,now him and Sandford at the valley.The credits start rolling,but are cut short from Tricky's appearance.The screen cuts to the remains of the building,then pwnage sounds are heard,the screen flashing white with every sound and saying ULTIMATE PWNAGE. Then it cuts back to Tricky,Hank and Sandford,with Hank having pinned Tricky down and hitting him with electro punches,while saying 'STAND AND FIGHT,BITCH' a referance to Madness Mini.Then Tricky's eyes stop glowing,while Sandford and Hank watch.The real credits roll,with an image of all the Hanks meeting they're future-past selves.MC1-2 Hank seems to be greeting MC3 and MC4 Hanks,MC5 Hank chatting with his MC6 self,and MC7 Hank is seen pointing a Mossberg at MC9-10-11 Hank,the latter holding him Mag M249. If thats gonna be the next MC11 (which will be a in chances at 0,00000001 in a million) ill be very proud.

Nyway,love ur animations Krinkels. :D

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