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    Just another idea,just like the MC11 plot post.Oh btw.If anyone of you knows Krinkels,you should get him here,eh?

    Madness Combat:The Madness Op will mix various elements from popular FPS's,like Black Ops (not the 2nd),Battlefield and that kind,while combining other adventure/action games.

    • Feuturing most,if not ALL MC characters,dead or alive.
    • 3 camera modes:3rd person,1st person and classic side scroller camera,togglable.
    • Combined weapons from the real world,MW3,BOPS,BT3 and more.
    • 4 modes:Normal campaign mode,zombie/human survival modes,sandbox mode,and open world mode.
    • Campaign centered around the Nevada desert,with Hank,Sandford,and Deimos taking out the many pockets of resistance after the future Madness project nexus episode 2.0,with a plot t…

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    Supposed MC11 plot

    March 31, 2012 by SANDVICH141

    (this is just an idea)


    Hank and Sandford escaped and are at a valley right now.Hank managed to pick up his MAG M249 and Sandford still has his Ruger.Suddenly,the trademark warning sign appears from the ground and makes a circle like pattern.Hank fires at the sign,and Demon tricky (but this time black and with the halo (keystone fragment but its only half remaining now) ) appears.Hank dumps the whole magazine at Tricky,but he isnt affected.Hank trys to electro-punch him,but still does nothing. Tricky then does the same as the Auditor.Summons the OA-93 (not the game version) and starts shooting at Hank and Sandford.They both duck in the ditch the sign made and decide on a plan.Hank jumps out of the ditch,holding something and throws it …

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