• I live in In Earth`s Core
  • My occupation is What the hell is that?
  • I am a guy who doesnt like rapists
  • PsychoMac2


    June 7, 2012 by PsychoMac2

    Lol. You just looked at this blog post.

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  • PsychoMac2

    Uhh Hi?

    June 6, 2012 by PsychoMac2

    Umm well, just some quick facts.

    1. I now a fair amount about Madness Combat

    2. I created the Subject 1o2P_6 page, I just didnt have an account at the time.

    3. My favourite character is Sanford.

    4. My favourite colour is red (has nothing to do with blood).

    5. And I made my own sprite sheet (Work in progress). You can see the shitty 8-bit on my deviant art account. (Username: BurningKhaos55)

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