• Man 1: Hey man, look at my new dog
  • Man 2: Oh yeah thats pretty cool

(Man 2 looks down but there is no dog there)

  • Man 2: Aaah, theres no dog there!
  • Man 1: Aaaaaaaaaaaarghhh!
  • Man 2: Arghhhhhhhhh!
  • Man 1 & 2: Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

(Music starts to play and title card kicks in)

--Scene cuts--

  • Friend: Joey did you eat my sandwich?
  • Joey: I am your sandwich.

(Joey jumps into his friends mouth and is swallowed)

--Scene cuts--

  • Bomber: Here hold this (Gives a bystander a bomb then walks off)

(The bystander stands on his own holding the bomb untill the fuse is almost burnt up)

  • Bomber: (Walks back, takes the bomb off the bysantder) Thanks.

--Scene cuts--

(A man is about to eat a bowl of salad before an angry man comes out of nowhere and starts punching it)

  • Man: What is wrong with you? Stop it! Cut it out man! I don't want this to hap-

--Scene cuts--

  • Anti-gravity man: Pfffffffft, Screw gravity! (Floats away in the sky)
  • Bystander: (Looks amazed)

--Scene cuts--

  • Jim: (Gun pointed at his head) Goodbye World.
  • World: Ok Jim, i'll see you 'round. Where you going?
  • Jim: (Shoots himself)
  • World: Oh! Oh no! Oh! Thats not what i thought he meant by that at all!

--Scene cuts--

  • Bully: *Gasp* There's something on your face!

(The bully punches the man in the face)

  • Bully: It was pain!

--Scene cuts--

(The angry man is still punching the salad)

  • Man: What is happening? Why would you do this? I can't even-
  • Angry Man: I AM PUNCHING YOUR SALAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Man: Noooooo!

--Scene cuts--

  • Father: Now son, don't touch that cactus!

(The son is pulled toward the cactus and sticks to it)

  • Father: You're DEAD to me.

--Scene cuts--

  • Man with a pipe: Honey, why is the baby on fire?
  • Wife: Buy me more jewelry!

--Scene cuts--

(Two men are standing together, one of them has a urinal attached to him. The other unzips his fly)

  • Urinal man: Don't even think about it!

--Scene cuts--

(The man is now punching the man who is punching his salad)

--Scene cuts--

  • Man: Hey guys check out my new camera!

(He shoots his friend in the face)

  • Man: Oh wait this isn't a camera!

--Scene cuts--

  • Murderer: Die potatoe!
  • Potatoe: Nooooo-
  • I like trains kid: I like trains.
  • Murderer: Oh no no no no wait!

(The murderer and the potatoe are both hit by a speeding train, I like trains kid stands and smiles to himself)

(Credits and music roll in)

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