I had an Idea of making a game for my mafia Madness series, But due to the fact that I SUCK at coding, it cannot become a reality, this is what it would look like if it DID exist.

Mafia Madness: The Game is a flash game


Kage Jason is a leader in a rebelion against the Mafia, Located in a city called Glen. Kage must kill the Mafia men upon sight. Or Play the side missions as Micheal and Geso. Or go all out it Battle Mode where you Can Play as one of the 3 Protagonists, the Antagonists, Characters from other games, or your own Character. The story will update as the series goes on!


Mafia Madness 1

Protagonist: Kage Jason

Goal: Clear the park of the Mafia

Mafia Madness 2: Enragement

Protagonist: Kage Jason

Goal: Reach to the Mafialeader and Kill him!

Mafia Madness 2.5

Protagonists: Geso and Micheal

Goal: Unknown

Mafia Madness 3: Revenge

Protagonist: Kage Jason

Goal: The Mafialeader Got you Last time, Time for revenge!

Mafia Madness 4: Revival

Protagonist: Kage Jason

Goal: Unknown

Battle Mode

Battle Mode would be simular to Super Smash Bros Brawl, but instead of a damage counter, It would Have a health bar. Each Character Has their End Attack (Simular to SSBB's Final Smashes), which will be activated once a certain amount of Damage has Been inflicted to any opposing Character.

Playable Characters


  • Kage Jason (All Modes) End Attack: Time Blade: He freezes time, Pulls Out a Katana then slashes the foe multiple times, after this he Unfreezes time then thrusts his Katana into the foe, Causing the for to fly off-screen.
  • Geso (All Modes) End Attack: Explosive Storm: He releases explosives into the air, which aim for and rain down on the foe.
  • Micheal (All Modes) End Attack: Mutant Mutilation: Micheal uses his claw hand to stab into the foe multiple times, then jumping into the air, he throws the foe to the ground then stomps onto the foe.


  • The Mafialeader (Battle Mode Only) End Attack: Hell's Swarm: The Mafialeader summons demons form hell to attack the foe.
  • Mike (Battle Mode Only) End Attack: Shot Bomb: Mike Charges his Hand Shots to the point of overheating the fires a massive blast from both sides.
  • A Mafia Man (Battle Mode) Men Swarm: Multiple Mafia Men come out and attack the foe.
  • MMV2 (Battle Mode) Men Swarm: Multiple MMV2s come out an attack the foe. This attack is More powerful Than its orginal counter-part.

Misc. (Battle Mode Only)

  • Hank
  • Sanford
  • Deimos
  • Jesus
  • Tricky
  • Auditor
  • Al. A. Sassin
  • The Eliminator (Steve Queenston)
  • Sheldon D Peters.
  • Blud D Mess
  • Steven O. Death
  • Xero
  • Omega
  • Kary-08
  • Askad
  • The Sheriff
  • The Deputy
  • The Gangleader
  • A L33t Agent
  • A SWAT Agent
  • A.T.P Engineer
  • A.T.P Soldat

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