Idiots. Fools! Nincompoops! Can't you idiots do Anything right? According to this! Your Track record of Petty Evil is Pathetic!
???, It's Not our Fault! That Wreached Bandicoot is to Blame!
Grrr, I'll will not let Anything stand in the way of evil. Especially not a Brave-as Orange marsupial! ??? Must Be Eliminated!
Uhhh, ???? May i remind you that ??? always finds a way to defeat us? Maybe he's Just to good for us?
Enough Exusuces, You Five idiots need to come up with one good Plan! Or else...
How did i get myself into a situation like this? Uhhhhg.
There Must be something we can come up with. Say, Doctor, haven't you been tinkering with some sort of secret Weapon in you labrotory?
I Have no idea what you're talking about ???.
But ??? i think he's refering to the Super secret Weapon, that you've been laboring over Day and Night, since the last time  ??? Defeated you.
Enough Bickering! Do we Have a Plan?
Well Due to My recent scintific endevors, i've created a being with unbeleveable Strength. But the Power sorce is the final missing crutial element.
Element. Elements. Yes, the ???.
Right! the ??? That's it! They'll provide enough power to bring my secret weapon To Life it'll be capable of Crushing Moutains! Demolishing entire Cities!
and wipe ??? off the Face of the earth forever!
Get ready to face my wrath ???! Mwah ha ha ha ha ha ha!

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