• SON: Hehehehehehe. Ooh.
  • DAD: (grabs nose) Got your nose!
  • SON: Eeoo.
  • COP: (kicks open the door and goes inside) Look out, he's got a nose! (fires gun)

(music starts to play and the title card kicks in)

--Scene Cuts--

  • MAN WITH TIE: (grabs a bystander's shirt). You gotta help me man, my tie is evil and it's gonna kill meeeee!

(bystander backs away slowly)

  • MAN WITH TIE: (squeaky voice) Please don't hurt me.

(screen turns red)

  • TIE: (laughs evilly)

--Scene Cuts--

  • PARKING METER MAN: Hello, parking meter!

(man moves back, startled)

--Scene Cuts--

  • MAN WITH FLOWER: Hey, hey guy, hey, smell my flower.

(guy comes near and smells the man's flower).

  • MAN: Mmmmmm.

(monster comes out of man with flower's shirt)

  • MONSTER: Guaguaga. (monster slurps)
  • MAN: LOL.
  • MONSTER: Lala. (monster goes back into the man with flower)

--Scene Cuts--

(A random person clicks a pointless button. The sign reads, POINTLESS BUTTON. Warning: Pointless)

  • Man: Hm.

--Scene Cuts--

  • FRIENDLY PERSON: Hey man -

(the other person punches him in the face)

  • FRIENDLY PERSON: (angry) Oh, what the hell is wrong with you?!
  • RANDOM VOICE: Level up!

--Scene Cuts--

  • VICTIM: Somebody help me, I'm being robbed!
  • SUPERMAN: I'll save you! Tree powers activate! (becomes a tree)

--Scene Cuts--

  • KILLER: Die potato!
  • POTATO: Noooo!

(killer steps on potato)

--Scene Cuts--

  • COOK: Mmmm! (grabs his knife) Yum. (sticks his knife in the cake)
  • CAKE: (screams in agony, as the cake is revealed to be a father) Ahhhhh! Why would you do this? I have a wife and family!
  • COOK: Nooo!
  • CAKE: Ahh, the pain! It's unbearable!
  • COOK: What have I done?!
  • CAKE: (screams in agony again and moves off the plate, toward the edge of the table, ready to commit suicide) Tell my children I love them!!
  • CUPCAKES: Daddy!
  • CAKE: (moves off the table, plummeting onto the floor screaming)
  • COOK: Noo......!
  • CUPCAKES: Ooooooo....!

(cake splats to the ground). (Credits and music roll in, Animated by PivotRJ, Voiced by TomSka and Bing, asdfmovie)

  • BULLY: (to another person) Hey, you know who's gay? (camera zooms in on him) YOU.

(camera zooms out to show the other person sticking a sword into him)

  • BULLY: Oh, come on!

(Credits and music roll in again. Music By Binarpilot, directed by TomSka

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