• Madnesscrazy

    Hi, Blud Here

    February 3, 2014 by Madnesscrazy

    Yeah just to let all of you know, It's Blud here

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  • Madnesscrazy

    Mafia Madness Game

    October 15, 2012 by Madnesscrazy

    I had an Idea of making a game for my mafia Madness series, But due to the fact that I SUCK at coding, it cannot become a reality, this is what it would look like if it DID exist.

    Mafia Madness: The Game is a flash game

    Kage Jason is a leader in a rebelion against the Mafia, Located in a city called Glen. Kage must kill the Mafia men upon sight. Or Play the side missions as Micheal and Geso. Or go all out it Battle Mode where you Can Play as one of the 3 Protagonists, the Antagonists, Characters from other games, or your own Character. The story will update as the series goes on!

    Protagonist: Kage Jason

    Goal: Clear the park of the Mafia

    Protagonist: Kage Jason

    Goal: Reach to the Mafialeader and Kill him!

    Protagonists: Geso and Micheal

    Goal: Unknown


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  • Madnesscrazy

    September 5, 2012 by Madnesscrazy

    I'm working on a website for my animations, I need to solve a few things first, (Like knowing how to put animation onto it and getting rid of the annoying outlines) It's not much at the moment but I'm Improving on it I'm coding it in Note pad so if anyone can offer coding support I'll gladly accept it.

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  • Madnesscrazy

    Supernatrual Trio

    September 3, 2012 by Madnesscrazy

    I figured I'd Make A trio out of Blud, Kage and Steven. So I Called them the Supernatural trio Mainly because I'm to lazy to come up with anything better, and the fact that each character has something un-natural about them.

    Un-natural Qualites

    Blud: Has control over everything, Immortal, Becomes a Demon-like thing when angry.

    Kage: Control Over time, Unable to heal.

    Steven: IQ of 300, (If you don't think it's un-natural, then WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!) Eats things humans eat, and makes weapons for a living and is a ZOMBIE!!!!!!

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  • Madnesscrazy

    Mafia Madness 2.5

    August 22, 2012 by Madnesscrazy

    Some Info Change

    The two Protagonists of the episode are named Geso and Micheal.

    The temp theme is "Madness Of the Hatter".


    Total kills so far: 11

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