Madness Day came and went, the animations are all there still so, if you haven't, go to newgrounds and check em.

Anywho, to all the users in this wiki, I would like to remind you guys that making articles about fan animations is allowed. Since I'm sure there's an assload of madness fan animations out there, we'll only be allowing those that have been front-paged on Newgrounds.

Lemme help you guys get started with a red link for a fan series that's overdue for an article here:

Xionic Madness

reasons for this is that MOAR ARTICLEZ!!!

No, seriously, there's not really much more we can extract from the series at this point, other than wait for a new installment then make an article about it.

However, please make ONE article per fan animation. That means no individual articles about episodes, characters, weapons, etc. Without further ado, someone please merge all the damn individual "day of the madness" animation and character articles cause I don't really feel liek it at the moment.

I'm gonna change this a bit. Main namespace will be reserved for one article about the fan series, all subsequent articles such as characters, unique weapons and etc must be within the same namespace as the fan series article.

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