November 5

    October 7, 2010 by MKWRX


    I hate everything now. I think we're gonna have to euthanize the wiki, come november.

    Guy22, Benshiboy and Faggregation, I'm gonna have to talk to ya'll over private messaging, be it WLM or skype or whatever, about the future of this wiki and why I will stick it to the MAN and not let this become a fucking social network like wikia is apparently trying to do. Well, to guy atleast. Haven't seen Aggregation in forever now. Just PM me your email(for WLM) or skype account.

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    Wiki's Custom Theme

    October 1, 2010 by MKWRX

    This wiki is currently using a theme known as Monaco, which is the standard theme for wikia wikis and the only theme that you can edit the CSS(thus making a custom theme of it). However, come November 3, 2010, wikia will remove the entirety of the monaco theme and there will be a new standard theme.

    Here's a wiki using the new standard theme: (NOTE: Sometimes clicking the link takes you to the monaco version of the site rather than show off the new theme)

    Can you imagine this one using that theme? Neither can I. It's not bad but it doesn't even look like a wiki anymore. Sure, I'll probably make a custom theme of it, all red, gray and madness combatsy, but I am seriously considering le…

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    Madness Day came and went, the animations are all there still so, if you haven't, go to newgrounds and check em.

    Anywho, to all the users in this wiki, I would like to remind you guys that making articles about fan animations is allowed. Since I'm sure there's an assload of madness fan animations out there, we'll only be allowing those that have been front-paged on Newgrounds.

    Lemme help you guys get started with a red link for a fan series that's overdue for an article here:

    Xionic Madness

    reasons for this is that MOAR ARTICLEZ!!!

    No, seriously, there's not really much more we can extract from the series at this point, other than wait for a new installment then make an article about it.

    However, please make ONE article per fan animation. That means…

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    Madness Day 2010

    September 22, 2010 by MKWRX

    Why are you reading this and not on Newgrounds?

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    August 6, 2010 by MKWRX

    It seems wikia is implementing an achievement system sort of like the ones the 360 has. Naturally, I already contact them to activate that system on this wiki. Seems like a better, much more enjoyable, way to convey to people how much work you've put in this wiki than the userboxes seen on people's profiles.

    On a side note, I'm working on a new theme to the wiki but it's far from completed. I guess that's it.


    Edit: They're active now. These are not retroactive so even even if you have over 9000 edits, the edits that count are the ones since activation of this feature. Same goes for anything you can get an achievement with.

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