• Sanford In Arena Mode Holding an New Shotgun.
  • Robo Cop and His Auto Barreta 62
  • Jesus and Hank In Episode 1.5
Im Looking at Project Nexus 1.5 as a great update to Madness Project Nexus. Ive Created a Slide Show For All The Nexus Leaks.

1st Picture Shows Of Sanford With an New Shotgun. Can u Play As Sanford In Arena Mode Or Other Protagonists? Or In Episode 1.5 You Actually Go Into Arena To Destroy The Program In Story Mode and Will There Be Alot of New Shotguns.

2nd Picture Is Of Again Robo Cop, It Shows That New Armour and Weapons Such as His Auto Barreta 62 Will Be Implemented Somehow.

3rd Picture Is Of Jesus and Hank Double Teaming? We Can Obviously Tell Its Story Mode But They Are Teaming Together? Does This Canon With The Original 10 Episodes And Does This Mean Jesus Is Both an Antagonist and Protagonist?

Anways With Episode 1.5 U Will See: Body Sheilds, New Weapons, New Armour, Jesus With Hank, Sanford In Arena Area, Maybe Playable Protagonists In Arena Mode, Legendary Skill Tree, Explosives, and More.

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