"The AAHW Have Gone To Far They're Destroying Nevada! Instead Of Being Owned By Hank Join Hank! Join EHHW!"

EHHW Grunt

The EHHW Grunt

EHHW 133t

EHHW 0wn3r (L33t)

EHHW Elite Engineer

EHHW Elite Engineer

EHHW Elite Soldat

EHHW Elite Soldat

As a Recruit You Start Training At Your Nearest Recruitment Centre (See Bottom Of Poster For Ideal Locations) With Pistols, Smgs, Shotguns, Assualt Rifles, And Upgraded Weaponry For the Elites!

Becoming an 0wn3r You Have Used Some Weaponry and Your Now Able To Be On The Feild Fighting Your Counter-Part 133ts Remember These Tips:

Use Your Cover, Work as a Team, Follow Your Instincts, and Plan and Organise!

After Working Out in The Field For Some Time and You Show Us Distinction, Motivation, and Leadership You Shall Become An Elite! You Will Firstly Be Taught How To Repair Structures and Machinery and Later Demoliton Builds Like C4 and Timed Bombs! With This Elite Rank You Can Comand Your Own Squad Of 0wn3ers At Your Command! Remember Your Counterparts AAHW Elite Engineers and Remember To Crush Them!

Due To The Intelligence Of Generals Deimos And Sanford We Adopted Our First EHHW Elite Soldats. With Our Advanced Medical Teams We Will Give You Strength and Mental Peaks Of Greatness Through Our Cloneing Technology! Simular To Cloneing Of Elitement We Give Your Your "Blue Blood" As a Sign Of Great Success That Rewards In Beter Hand-Eye Coordnation, Better Judgement, Better Strength, Better Knowledge, Etc. With This Rank We GIve You Top Notch Firearms and Explosives for Speacil Ops. Missions. Flashbangs, Grenades, M4A1 carbines, Glock 20's, Etc.

Locations: Market M (Resently Owned By The Owners Of Club M), The Hank Wibbleton Safehouse, Hyjacked Cloneing Facility, And Some Other Classified Locations.

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