Day 4: Meeting Up With an Old Freind Of Mine Brings Many Memories, You'd Never Knew Helping Another Grunt When You Used To be An AAHW Would Be This Helpful. Blaze Anderson Gone Silent To Everyone But His Closest Freinds. Driving Down The Desert Road I Made a Quick Left Scaring The Sh*t Out Of Jason XD. And Then He Saw This Shanty Hut. He hTought That it Was Trashy But You SHouldve Seen His Eyes. A Spot Light Hit Our Hatchback and The Ground Opened. Driving In Were Were Greated By The Metal Military Grad Garage and Blaze Himself. Both of Us Grining Wide as We Both Knew It Was Time. Reality Being Repared and Word Of Auditor Dead Spreading He Was Building This Bus That Look Like Some Dawn Of The Dead Stuff. Jasons Jaw Couldnt Close So I had To Help Him.... Walking In The Armoury I Grab Myself a Pair Of Survival Swords and Two Ingrams I Let Jason Go Candy Pickin as Me And Blaze Talked. Hes Went Under The Spotlight and Even EHHW Dosent Know About Him and Im not a Tattle. Turns Out Theres 100s Of lone Mercinaries Wanting AAHW Dead Who'd Figured.

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