aka Joe Serrano

  • I live in Chernobyl... Nukes FTW!
  • I was born on August 15
  • My occupation is Freshman
  • I am Male
  • Laserforce

    Ares Shrike Day 4

    August 3, 2012 by Laserforce

    Day 4: Meeting Up With an Old Freind Of Mine Brings Many Memories, You'd Never Knew Helping Another Grunt When You Used To be An AAHW Would Be This Helpful. Blaze Anderson Gone Silent To Everyone But His Closest Freinds. Driving Down The Desert Road I Made a Quick Left Scaring The Sh*t Out Of Jason XD. And Then He Saw This Shanty Hut. He hTought That it Was Trashy But You SHouldve Seen His Eyes. A Spot Light Hit Our Hatchback and The Ground Opened. Driving In Were Were Greated By The Metal Military Grad Garage and Blaze Himself. Both of Us Grining Wide as We Both Knew It Was Time. Reality Being Repared and Word Of Auditor Dead Spreading He Was Building This Bus That Look Like Some Dawn Of The Dead Stuff. Jasons Jaw Couldnt Close So I had T…

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  • Laserforce

    Im Looking at Project Nexus 1.5 as a great update to Madness Project Nexus. Ive Created a Slide Show For All The Nexus Leaks.

    1st Picture Shows Of Sanford With an New Shotgun. Can u Play As Sanford In Arena Mode Or Other Protagonists? Or In Episode 1.5 You Actually Go Into Arena To Destroy The Program In Story Mode and Will There Be Alot of New Shotguns.

    2nd Picture Is Of Again Robo Cop, It Shows That New Armour and Weapons Such as His Auto Barreta 62 Will Be Implemented Somehow.

    3rd Picture Is Of Jesus and Hank Double Teaming? We Can Obviously Tell Its Story Mode But They Are Teaming Together? Does This Canon With The Original 10 Episodes And Does This Mean Jesus Is Both an Antagonist and Protagonist?

    Anways With Episode 1.5 U Will See: Body …

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  • Laserforce

    "The AAHW Have Gone To Far They're Destroying Nevada! Instead Of Being Owned By Hank Join Hank! Join EHHW!"

    As a Recruit You Start Training At Your Nearest Recruitment Centre (See Bottom Of Poster For Ideal Locations) With Pistols, Smgs, Shotguns, Assualt Rifles, And Upgraded Weaponry For the Elites!

    Becoming an 0wn3r You Have Used Some Weaponry and Your Now Able To Be On The Feild Fighting Your Counter-Part 133ts Remember These Tips:

    Use Your Cover, Work as a Team, Follow Your Instincts, and Plan and Organise!

    After Working Out in The Field For Some Time and You Show Us Distinction, Motivation, and Leadership You Shall Become An Elite! You Will Firstly Be Taught How To Repair Structures and Machinery and Later Demoliton Builds Like C4 and Ti…

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  • Laserforce

    1.5 Nexus Anaylisis

    June 26, 2012 by Laserforce

    First We See The Pistol Being Shot Into The Air (with a 3 round burst thanks to Clifftybonbons) . Taking This And The Box Shape Of The Pistol If U Look At The Pistol With Out The Coak Back it is The Robo Cops Auto-9 Beretta 92.

    Lastly In This Picture I Notice The Cyborg Helmet (And a Bandana?) With Cyborg Like Armour Im making a guess and with help from Mn09y654 it is indeed robo cop. But What I Definutly Know Is They Will Be Adding New Armour and Guns!

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  • Laserforce


    June 26, 2012 by Laserforce

    Well Walking O The Outskirts To See If We Can Leave Dis Sh*t Hole We Found This Demonic Thing It Droped Some Guns Near This Body That HAd a Ninja Thing Going Then It Came After US! We Ran Like Hell And Was Super Lucky To Run Into This Metal Bunker We Ran Thrugh And Came Out The Other Side And That Stupied Demon Thought We Were Still Inside +100 Pts?

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