Well, it's official. Everyone on Regular Show wiki fucking hates me. Rigbybestie finally turned against me a few days ago. So, apparently, I'm screwed for one year. How fucking fantastic. How absolutely fucking fantastic. And all because some bastard hit me for an outdated fucking reason. One year. One fucking year. Just perfect. T_T

In the meantime, here's some random pic I made using the MC 6.5 SC.


random pic.

UPDATE 7/11/12: I've lately been consuming more vodka than usual. I'm unsure if this is a sign of deep depression, I do not usually drink 5 shots a day. I drink one shot. Perhaps this has stimulated from Rigby's switch. It's possible, but I don't know. I can't stop drinking.

UPDATE 7/14/12: I've done some talking at RS Wiki (yes by socking). I managed to strike a deal with an admin: If I stopped the socking, my ban will get shortened by 9 months. It was a deal.

update 7/14/12: Well, whoop de doo. Some jackass blocked me off for infinite. Douchebag.

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