Bad Boy madness

When I was born, I was rated PG-ASSKICKER!!!

This guy is my Madness guy from Project Nexus. A badass buttkicker.

I have not gotten past Level 15 on zombies (Although my skills are maxed and I use a binary sword and USAS-12) because it is so goddamn hard. I hate those damn zombies. (DAMN YOU ZOMBIE G03LM)

Yes, the sprite originated from me. Its just a badass gangsta look.

I have made up 2 special forces teams with my hired men. The ones with ski masks, unitechs, and utility vests are the E.T.F. (Elite Terrorist Force). These guys carry black assault weapons and black pistols. They originally used to be a gang of criminals, but they looked more like an elite forces team. They are only used in regular Arena mode.

The second team (the only guy is below my icon) is the E.Z.F. (Elite Zombie Force). These guys are rarer than the E.T.F. because I can't find any merc with enough endurance to wear a riot helmet. They wear riot helmets, bitechs, elephant trunk breathers, and padded vests. They are equipped with swords and black assault weapons. Only Statham is an E.Z.F. member.

Emmett (next to Statham) is supposed to be a classic 1920s gangster, complete with a Tommy gun.

Other guys, I just have. I use them as targets (except for my special mercs, Hank, Jesus, Krinkels, and The Swain).

No, none of these guys have my real name. My subject's name is Duncan because its named after my best friend, Duncan Willis.

Yeah, that's pretty much it.


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