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    Just for fun, mate.

    The standard weaponry issued to the ranks of the A.A.H.W..

    All of the ranks are given freedom as to what weapons they can use, and the AK series firearms (AK-47, AK-74, AK-74U) seem to be standard-issue weapons in all 4 ranks.

    The A.A.H.W. has a number of firearms they've modified for their units.

    1. Most of their AR-15s have been modified to fire fully automatically.
    2. Early in the A.A.H.W.'s life, they experimented with AMT Automag series pistols and turned them into fully-automatic machine pistols, which the designer of the mod claimed to be accidental. Later, when the Nexus Training Program started, they extended the pistol grips on Automag V's and gave them Desert Eagle magazines.
    3. They've modified their Benelli M4s to have M3…

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    Hello there. In this blog post, this guide can show you how to beat the bosses in Story Mode, as well as the levels containing them. Alright, with the rather short introduction out of the way:

    This level contains several G03LMs, which are rather hard to kill.

    For this level, you'll want to be playing as Sanford, as he holds the hook, which will never break, and can be thrown to not only attack enemies from afar, but also bring them in to make it easier to kill them. And it always comes back to you. This will be especially useful in rooms with G03LMs, as they can have their helmet knocked off in around 5 hits with a weapon.

    You'll want to play on Easy difficulty so all firearms come with extra clips, since in the several last rooms, other than…

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