Hey guys! Christmas didn't turn out so well since some bastard 1337 ruined our dinner. Now our house is full of those dead bitches. Anyways, this is what I got for Christmas

4 boxes of Malboro given by Hank (Hurray!)

A special edition gold Desert Eagle given by Sanford

A time bomb given by Tricky (I threw that out when I opened it)

A book about how Deimos sucks given by Auditor (I burned it)

A G.I. Joe given by my son

5 pairs of Deimos Towels given by my dad

English Tea given by Saucy (I don't really drink tea so I gave it to Sanford)

A dildo and a coupon to enlightment given by Dad (I flushed them down the toilet)

A gun encyclopedia given by my wife

A 316 sword replica given by Jebus (Boy. The replica was heavier than the original one!)

10 time bombs given by the clown inc. (I went to their office and gave it back. I guess you know what happened)

And 4 slices of pie given by Hank (again)



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