In order for you to be considered for the super soldier program you have to be in good physical condition and a caterpillar. Fortunately, I found a suitable specimen (Subject: 1VOVR2-378 aka Mr. Snuggles) to begin the preliminary work developing a super-serum. A super-caterpillar-serum. Just think! This leap forward in science could transform the lazy leaf muncher into something more adaptable and more dangerous that what he is currently. Especially dangerous if you're made of cotton or wool. I foresee the ability of flight for our test subject, as well as a completely different exoskeleton which will blend in seemlessly with the environment, and fuzzy antennae. Those antennae will be mostly for laughs, but I'm sure it will come in handy sometime. In order to control our subject after the metamorphosis, our scientists will install behavioral conditioning so that he is attracted to bright lights, especially porch lights. Most fearsome still, the subject will still be capable of reproduction, meaning we can raise an army of fuzzy lumps that we can transform into flying, camoflauged machines of death. DEATH TO ALL FINE WASHABLES!!!!

00:21, July 4, 2012 (UTC)Clifftybonbons

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