Today I wasn't expecting much. What I got instead was a boatload of caterpillars! 5 outside in total. I caught two of them and when I went back outside THERE WERE THREE MORE!!!!! I've already got 5 survivors in

See those three? Dead fucking meat.

my caterpillar bunker (shown in the post about caterpillars shitting everywhere) so I figure it would be too damn cramped. Ya gotta have some breathing room as soon as the caterpillar zombie apocalypse happens. The three outside I didn't bother naming. There probably going to be zombie food anyways. I've named my five tupperware-dwellers Hank (who has now formed a cocoon), Maximus, Sparticus, Julius Caesar, and Jeff. I found Jeff in my bathroom along with two geckos (I named the lizards Frank and Bing). Unfortunately ol' Jeff looks like he was already bitten by a zombiepillar. I hope he doesn't turn any time soon...

Clifftybonbons 20:55, June 20, 2012 (UTC)

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