UPDATE: Ignore this and head to the forum topic under Madness: Project Nexus Chit Chat. It has all the same info, only better.

What are you talking about?

I talked about it briefly in this post but I felt it was necessary to elaborate a bit more on the subject. It's a type of meta-gaming where you limit your avatar's strength in order to prove your gamer skillz. The rules go thusly:

Here's an example of IRONMAN leveling. I'm at 54 but only used 87 upgrade points for attributes and weapons, respectively.

  • Level 30 perks ONLY. You have to plan your upgrades. You only have a set amount of points. 87 points for attributes and weapon skills to be exact, meaning get 17 perks and change (you can't get that last perk at level 31 because those are the rules for this imaginary level cap). Obviously, you'll still level up after 30. This challenge requires you to stop spending your attribute points (and weapon skill points) once you reach level 30. No more maxxing out everything when you throw down.
  • Start at Wave 1. Pretty much a no-brainer, right? You have to play every single wave, from the start until you inevitably get killed.
  • Two weapons ONLY. Choose wisely, since the only options you have when you start the challenge are equipping an ally (or allies) with weapons or picking up guns dropped by zombies. You lose your starting weapon? Tough shit. It's time to get tactical and grab one on the next wave.
  • No limit on number of allies, maxxed weapon skills, or maxxed attribute points. Besides the level 30 cap, you can upgrade those as you see fit. For instance, I like to max Pistol spec just because I think pistols are cool. BludDMess likes to max Leadership, and T96 favors Melee and Strength upgrades.
  • No limit on character deaths. Come on, this is IRONMAN mode. You're not gonna get very far on the first try.
  • No limit on starting cash/weapons/armor. If you have the money, you can buy whatever stuff you want. You just can't swap them out between waves as stated in the third bullet point.

That just about covers it then. This kind of a challenge is not for the weak of heart. Post what you can do in the forum in that first link. And of course, Rule 32 of the Internet applies here. Pics or it didn't happen. >:3

Good luck and god speed!

Clifftybonbons 16:34, June 6, 2012 (UTC)