Last night I had a dream that made me laugh when I woke up. I dreamt I was collecting more caterpillars and moving the ones I had from one container to another, larger one. That way I could have a whole Partridge Family of caterpillars! Unfortunately, I had lost count after caterpillar # 17 so I wasn't sure how many there actually were. This was my undoing in dream-land. While I was transferring a few stubborn ones the others started escaping. No big deal, they're caterpillars, not race cars. I could catch them before they disappeared. Hooooo boy. After I got 10 or so of the little buggers into the new container, I noticed there were caterpillars crawling along the sink, counters and table. I rounded them up and counted them off until I got to #15, sure there weren't many left. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a lid for the large container. When I did find one, the recently transferred caterpillars were escaping their new enclosure. Well, shit. I looked around to make sure they weren't straying too far and that's when I saw there were caterpillars EVERYWHERE. They were merrily scooting around on every surface of my house. Oh FUCK. I simply couldn't round all of them up. I think I got 30 or so in the jar they were supposed to be in, but when I turned around, there were more all over the place! AND THE BASTARDS WOULDN'T STAY PUT! As I went to grab the wandering ones, the ones in the jar were crawling out again! I eventually said screw it and went outside to enjoy the birthday bar-b-que, deciding not to tell Mum about our new friends. She'd find them soon enough. XD

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