The survivors have been forced out of their bunker by moldy provisions. It was quite sad. The first day I noticed the mold growing in the caterpillar container, I quickly cleaned it out as best I could. I changed their water-supply cotton ball and discarded all the foliage that they were nomming on. Two days later, the mold was back and worse than ever. I then decided that complete and total evacuation was the only way to survive. Better taking chances out in the wasteland than certain death in your bunker. It's a good thing I released them when I did. Jeff was looking more sickly than ever, Sparticus looked like he was smoking crack, Maximus and Hank had formed cocoons to ward off the oncoming plague (although it was only a matter of time before the mold had spread to the cocoons, as Hank's caterpillar sleeping bag was the one hardest hit). Julius Caeser was perfectly fine. In fact, he looked more vibrant and bigger than he ever had before. This makes me think he planned the whole mold invasion as a way to gain power in the resulting chaos. Vini vedi vici, you bastard. >:(

On a side note, Frank and Bing haven't been seen in weeks. I'm assuming they started a singing career and split ways shortly thereafter.

Clifftybonbons 03:34, June 29, 2012 (UTC)

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