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  • I live in Alleyway, Texas
  • I was born on October 12
  • My occupation is knight
  • I am postbox
  • Carrus

    The Walther PPK is a pistol in Madness: Project Nexus. The gun is priced at $475 ($548 if it has one upgrade), making it the most cheapest firearm in Arena Mode.

    At the cost of being a cheap firearm, The PPK is the most mediocre performing pistol in the game. It has an 8-round magazine; the smallest clip size of all pistols. This pistol is poor choice against enemies sporting TAC-Bars or huge amounts of health, such as ATP soldats and G03LM units. This gun is especially useless to fight against zombies, as they take more damage than normal enemies.

    Since this gun spawns along the other standard pistols; the Beretta 92 and Browning HP, this gun is rendered obsolete as both guns sport large magazines (18 and 13), and deal more damage per bullet (…

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