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aka Dark Dragon

  • I live in Somewhere in god knows where
  • I was born on January 31
  • My occupation is my life, i cant get any occupation
  • I am Guy
  • Blaze Anderson

    MC 11

    September 15, 2012 by Blaze Anderson

    Ok, i talked to krinkles on Gmail(yes, i'm friends with him) and he said that MC 11 might be out in october, to some time early next year, so yea, we might be seeing the episode soon :3

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  • Blaze Anderson

    The base is quiet, i cant hear a thing, ever since i found this abandoned base, it has been home, AAHW needs to be destroyed, and certain groups i will not name are doing just that, i have only very close friends, and i have gone sighlent to everyone, i used to be a grunt for AAHW, before i escaped with help, they are meeting me today, the only thing on the surface is a shoddy old shack, nothing else, no one will find this place, i needed to get ready, i went to the amory and got out my signiture weapons, a black bladed katana, a M11 and an M40, i think i can hear them now...

    Mercanary Blaze Anderson, signing out.

    (look at ares shrike day 4 for the rest of it, the guys name is laserforce)

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  • Blaze Anderson

    Ok, well, after the last movie, you can see the auditor and tricky mergeing, and then the auditor blow's up, and the cloud looks like tricky's head, what do you think happened? also, feel free to post any photo's on here, i don't care what pic's you put on here as long as they are madness combat related, any over the top one's will be deleted.

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