Somewhere in Nevada

4 Agents and 2 Engineer are standing in one room, until suddenly the door opens and a Grenade rolling to them and explodes. Sanford and Deimos come into the room which has the 6 dead bodies in it and they kill more attackers where also coming in the room. After this they crossed two rooms. While Sanford kills agents, Deimos light a Cigarette. After Deimos light his cigarette and begins to smoke, a agent throws a Sword to his head but Deimos could dodge at the last second.

After all agents were dead, suddenly the house flies in the Sky, Sanford and Deimos crossed the whole house until to the last room. The house lands at the railway lines at the Sheriff-Drive. Sanford and Deimos shoot out the window and kill the 6 engineers and 4 agents where guarding the Sheriff-Drive. They go out the window and Deimos let the Sheriff-Drive with a time bomb explode. A few steps further stands a car, Sanford and Deimos go to it and get inside. As they start to drive, they see beside the steering wheel a note, on it stands:

Use this little help, good luck!

- O

Body count: 116

Sanford: 52

Deimos: 64

Who is "O"? Find it out in Madness Combat 9.5!

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