Somewhere in Nevada

Hank was revived again, and his whole body except his face, was bandaged by the Higher Powers.

Hank entered the house, his target was Rich, the new Sheriff!

After a few rooms, he searched in some lockers and took a black jacket and put it on. After that he crossed two rooms and took a black a bandana from a table and in the next room, he searched again in some lockers and took a black mouth mask.

Much posters were on the walls, that said: "The new ranks (1 2 3) will be available soon!". Hank crossed the house until he arrived at Rich's office.

6 bodyguards stood in the office and Rich sat at his desk. As Hank burst in, he killed all of the bodyguards with his sword. Shortly after, he threw the sword in the direction of Rich, the sword pierced Rich's stomach and he began to stagger. Meanwhile, four more bodyguards entered the room, Hank pulled a shotgun from his back and killed them. After that, Hank pointed his shotgun at the still staggering Rich and shot into his face. Rich with the sword still in his belly, fell dead to the ground. Hank went to Rich's desk, on which laid circular red rimless glasses and a Desert Eagle with some ammunition, he put the gun with the ammo in his pocket and put the glasses on.

Jesus was also revived and bandaged by the higher powers. He put his sunglasses on and went angry away.

Meanwhile, Sanford and Deimos were in their tent and looked at a monitor, after that they got into their car and drove off, to later help Hank.​

A black star was onto a wall on the back of the Sheriff's house. Because of the activation of the Improbability Drive, it began to glow red and little red flashes came out of it. It got eyes and looked around. A mysterious demon appeared and grabbed the star with its tentacles. It ripped the star out of the wall and combined with it. During the combining the pupils of the star had disappeared, which means that it had died.

Then demon began to lightly glow red and teleported itself to the bakery. It flickered near the dead sun, then the demon went into its lifeless body. The sun got a red smile, just like the demon had and its whole body started to glow bright red. It appeared later in Madness Combat 5.

Body count: 51

Hank: 50

Demon: 1 (Star)