Somewhere in Nevada

Hank was revived, and his whole body and the back of his head was bandaged by the Higher Powers.

Hank go into a house...his target was Rich the new Sheriff!

After a few rooms, he took from a locker a black jacket and puts it on. After he has crossed again a few rooms he takes a black bandana from a table and put it also on.

Much posters are on the walls and on them stands: "Soon the new Ranks [1][2][3] will be available!" He crosses the house until it arrives at Rich's office. Hank kill Richs Bodyguards and Hank throw his Dragon sword in Richs belly whereupon he staggers, then Hank shoots with a Shotgun in Richs face, whereupon he dies. Hank goes to Rich's desk where red glasses and a Desert Eagle lies, he puts the gun in his pocket and put the glasses on.

Jesus was also revived and bandaged by the higher powers. After this he put his sunglasses on and go angry away.

Meanwhile, Sanford and Deimos are in their tent and look at the monitor then they are go into car to later help Hank.

A mysterious Demon appears at the Bakery and goes into the dead body of the Sun, the sun gets a red smile, and its whole body glows red. He appears later in Madness Combat 5: Depredation.

Body count: 50

Happy Madness Day 2015