Somewhere in Nevada

Hank followed the map which leads him to a pie, after a while he has arrived at a house, what was the goal of the map. He puts the card into his pocket. As he tried to go in the house two Grunts stand in front of the door and shove him away, Hank gets angry and beat them to death, he go into the house and kill more attackers.

After he had crossed a large part of the house, he met Jesus, Hank shoots at him with a Desert Eagle but he fend it off with his shield. After Hanks ammo was empty, Jesus threw him with telekinesis through the wall, he pick the Desert Eagle from the ground in order to use it later against Hank.

Hank lands in the next room and kill the Grunts in there. He crosses a small part of the house until he arrives in a room, where a box with the inscription "DELICIOUS PIE" stands, he opens the box and it was only a note in it. He took the note and read what stands on it, on the note stands:

"No Pie for you!

♥ -Sheriff"

Hank swears revenge on the Sheriff!

Body count: 54

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