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    Here's some tips for the game:

    A.T.P. engineers :The first A.T.P. engineers appear in stage 1-E [Recon hut].It's recommended to play as Sanford on these levels cause his hook always comes back after throwing.If you throw a weapon it ignores TAC-BARs.

    A.T.P. soldats:the same tips like with A.T.P engineers but they can do flipping dodge.If you drain an A.T.P. soldat's TAC-bar and he dodges shoot him imediatly after he lands.

    G03LMs and G03LM mk2s : If your melee weapon isn't very powerful try to knock down theyr helmets unarmed because you can't dodge when armed with melee weapon.G03LMs will always ignore your TAC-bar and  knock you down when punching or using weapon at close range.Their attacks are unblockable.

    Special attack : if you come very‚Ķ

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  • Abomination249

    Prank games

    May 2, 2013 by Abomination249

    Some of  the madness games on Newgrounds such as Madness exploration are actually pranks.They look cool but after you try them out you'l realize it.

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