Tricky Madness 2
Tricky Madness 2
The beginning of the episode.
Music:Delta 9
Release date:December 21, 2006
Protagonist(s):Jesus, Tricky
Body count:2
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Tricky Madness 2 is the sequel to Tricky Bangbanggooberblat. It is an animation focusing on an extremely violent interaction between Jesus and Tricky.


The flash starts out with Tricky banging his head to remove his mask and reveal his mutilated face subsequently. After this, Jesus immediately appears on the foreground, quoting "Disembodied" from the death metal band "Resurrection":

In the beginning of time, there was darkness. While I lay resting in my mother's womb, I soon became a part of the light world. Young in body, evil at heart. With little love around, I became aware of death.

While this occurs, Tricky stands in the background, swinging a hunting machete and yelling the word "Listen." Once Jesus finishes his preach, Tricky steps forward and slices Jesus' lower jaw.

Tricky then kills a civilian with his machete and starts chewing his organs which afterward, he vomits blood. Jesus removes his glasses, revealing large evil eyes. He then attempts to kill Tricky by a desperate last resort, eating him alive. And without the slightest hesitation, Tricky slices his way through the back of Jesus' skull to tear away parts of Jesus' face, revealing his brain. Tricky then starts shaking more violently than ever before, to reveal that he has the same evil red eyes as Jesus.

Jesus appears to have survived and holds a hostage, who Tricky massacres with a chainsaw, in the pinnacle of his fury, grabs Jesus by the skull and drills right through it, the animation ends with a message by Krinkels saying: "OK, I'M FUCKING DONE. SORRY. >:["


  • The words in the background all have something to do with death, including: Torture, Blood, Maim and Kill.
  • All the characters (except the unadorned character Tricky stabs with a sword) do not have feet.
  • This is the only Madness animation that shows a character actually talking with sound.

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