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A Madness Combat tribute is a fan-made flash movie that uses Madness sprites or characters, often submitted on Madness Day. These animations mimic Krinkels' artistic style, but sometimes these animators introduces their own styles into their tributes.

Notable Tributes

  • REALM: A tribute made by Kelzad Oox. The main protagonist of the REALM-series is Kelzad Oox and the main antagonist is Yeelon.
  • Dawn of the Madness: A tribute made by LittleLuckyLink. Featured excessive gore and was a parody of Dawn of the Dead and possibly Shaun of the Dead. Zombies in it were not green, like traditional ones. The other two parts of the trilogy are named Day of the Madness and Dusk of the Madness, which have the same setting.
  • Dad: A mini series by Tazers involving a faced Mag Agent who claims to be the father of the characters in Madness Combat. Krinkels thinks of this one as 'obnoxiously awesome' and hosts them on his site[1]
  • Maximum Ninja: A Madness tribute series by Sto0g3 about a superpowered ninja out to destroy a powerful being named Steve and his minions.
  • Madness Mini: A Madness tribute series by Shrinkz about Al A. Sassin, an assassin who is also trying to kill the Sheriff and his bodyguard, the Deputy.
  • Past Madness: A madness animation made by a Newgrounds user known as Erixs in which a masked character travels back in time to offer cooperation with Hank in Madness Avenger. He eventually kills Hank before he can harm the Sheriff, as he turns out to be Jesus who shifted his appearance.
  • Mafia Madness: A Madness Tribute Series in working progress, The first 3 episodes have been released and the creator (Madnesscrazy123) has started working on the 4th and is previewing the menu in DeviantArt.

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