There are several rules on this wiki. Note: If you break these rules once, you will get a warning, twice you will be banned for 24 hours, and three times will be a yearly ban. If you decide to still abuse the rules after this point, you'll recieve a permaban along with a certificate.


  • Please do not use .jpg images, only .png, but .gif images are allowed ONLY for your page, for someone, but NEVER on an article
  • Do NOT spam.
  • Do NOT pretend you are an sysop, or you will get banned by any sysop.
  • Do NOT flame.
  • Do NOT use the veteran excuse to troll, first strike will always be a warning.
  • Do NOT vandalize pages.
  • Do NOT insert your own fanart onto articles, it is fine on your own profile, but NEVER on an article, screenshots from either the animations or offical art from Krinkels only.


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