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Rebooting the Madness is a Madness Tribute by Alpha Nuva. The exact plot of the episodes are unknown as of yet.



The main protagonist of the first episode, and second protagonist of the second episode. He looks like a plain 1337 agent.

Rebooting the Madness

He was the main protagonist of the episode, carrying a suicide bomb with him. He went through the underground facility and freed the prisoner, but dying at the end because of the suicide bomb that he gave to the prisoner to activate.

Rebooting the Madness 2

He was the secondary protagonist when he was revived in the chamber by the prisoner. He wore the same orange glasses like he did for a bit in Rebooting The Madness.


The secondary protagonist of the first episode, and the primary protagonist of the second episode.

He wears blue glasses, which makes beams, but uses energy until he runs out. He also has revolvers as hands. It is unknown why.

Rebooting the Madness

He is the secondary protagonist and was a prisoner until the main protagonist freed him, and broke out of his cell. He activated the suicide bomb that the protagonist gave him.

Rebooting the Madness 2

Freak Plant

The Freak Plant was an agent mutated by a green syringe. After he was injected, he started to revive (constantly) and slowly transform into a plant with vines and deformed eyes. He has the power to keep corpses inside his body.

Crab Beast

The Crab-Beast was a mutant agent which was caused by a red syringe that was stabbed into him by Prof. Dordum.

Rebooting the Madness

He actually made his first appearance in Rebooting The Madness 1 which he was strapped in a dentist chair and was killed (again*) by an axe that Prof. Dordum stabbed into him, and then injected the red syringe which caused his mutation as the agent became the deadly Crab Beast.

Rebooting the Madness 2

In this episode he was shown while the prisoner entered the facility in the start. He was being experimented on by three scientists. Prof. Dordum took his corpse and put it on a chair. He took a red syringe and stabbed it in him. The corpse was moving while heartbeat pulses were showing. Possibly after, he was stabbed by an axe then stabbed with a red syringe again.

Prof. Dordum

Not much is known about Prof. Dordum. He is a crazy mad scientist who loves to experiment on various subjects. He mostly uses squeaky toys to hurt them.

He has mutated and turned many agents into deadly beasts.


Prof. Dordum can:

  • Create Portals
  • Spawn/Summon Red or Green Syringes
  • Walk on the wall/ceiling
  • Clone Level 3 agents *orange ones*
  • Transform weaponry into syringes


Rebooting the Madness

Rebooting the Madness

Rebooting the Madness 2

Rebooting the Madness 2

Various shades and their effects

A majority of the series characters wear shades, most of these have different effects.

Shade color Effect Image
Black  Can seal off doors.
Dark Red  Does nothing.
Green Night Vision.
Yellow Can manipulate agents that are lower ranked (Black, Dark Blue).
Dark Blue Laser, the prisoner's visor from the second episode has the same effect too.
Orange Gives the user super strength.
Purple Blast shields.
Aqua Invisibility.
Light Blue Improved dexterity.


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