Plasma cutter
  • The plasma cutter from ROMP.FLA
  • The plasma cutter from Madness Combat 2
Used by:Sanford, grunt

A plasma cutter is a tool that cuts through metal with accelerated jets of hot plasma. It has been seen in Madness Combat 2 and the non-canon ROMP.FLA. In Madness Combat 2, a grunt used a plasma cutter to cut through the roof of the elevator so that the other grunts could shoot at Hank. The grunt was killed when Hank shot back through the hole created by the plasma cutter. Sanford used a plasma cutter to infiltrate a building full of agents and A.T.P. engineers, only to lose it when he fell down the hole created by the mustached star.

To view an article on the plasma cutter from Wikipedia, click here.

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