Past Madness
The intro to Past Madness.
Track(s):Darksong 2
Release date:July 13, 2009
Main antagonist(s):Hank
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Past Madness is a Madness Combat tribute created by Erixs. It involves a character traveling back in time to supposedly help Hank, but the outcome turns out to be very different.


The animation starts off with the protagonist who infiltrates a "Secret Location, Somewhere in Nevada (which is misspelled as 'Navada')," according to the text. He finds his way into a 1337 Crew laboratory, where the agents have yellow glasses. The protagonist kills two guards using a S&W 500 (a hint of what is to come) and throws a cigarette to the ground, causing a fire that burns the flesh off one of the guard's corpse. Inside the lab, the agents are working on a time machine, and one agent is transported through time using it. Suddenly the protagonist jumps in and decimates every single agent that comes in. After the last agent is killed, he activates the time machine and appears in a time travel path. The agent who earlier used the machine has already made it to the time of Madness Combat 3: Avenger. He then taunts at the protagonist and breaks off part of the time path so he cannot progress. The protagonist retaliates by doing a flip and jumping to the time of Madness Combat 3, following behind the agent.

Immediately afterward, the two appear in the time of Madness 3, in the Improbability Drive Room. The protagonist then shoots down the agent who just arrived and two of the Sheriff's guards. Hank then walks in and asks who he is. The protagonist claims that he is an AAA member and a future friend of Hank who traveled back in time to save him. The two then proceed to eliminate more of Sheriff's henchmen, one managing to wound the protagonist. The protagonist counters by preforming supernatural movements whilst tinted black. He snaps the henchmen in half.

The two then enter the next room where Hank easily dispatches the grunts. The protagonist tries to make it, but is gunned down by a guard from behind, whom Hanks then slaughters. The protagonist tells him at what appears to be his last breath, to go in the room and finish off the Sheriff. Hank does so and takes out two of his elite bodyguards. Unfortunately, right before he can make his move, the protagonist returns, stabs him with the binary sword and chops him apart. The protagonist shakes hands with Sheriff in victory and reveals that he was really Jesus from Madness Combat 7, who changed his form to one that Hank would trust, traveled back in time, and went to kill Hank when he wouldn't expect it.

The animation ends with the message, "Moral: Don't Trust a Judas".

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