Newgrounds Rumble is a fighting game based on Newgrounds and it's characters it was submitted by
Luis, Mindchamber, NegativeONE on May 29, 2007. The game features twelve playable characters that can battle in a manner similar to that of Super Smash Bros. Hank was added as playable character in honor of Madness Day in 2007 making him the first character to be added to the roster after the game submission.

Story Mode & Ending

Hank must fight his way through three well known Newgrounds characters as well as enemies of his own universe. His first opponent is Pico in his home level Pico's School, his second opponent is Nene in Convict's conviction cell, his third opponent just so happens to be Newgrounds portal-guard P-Bot, and lastly Hank must survive a brutal wave of Henchmen in his homeworld Nevada. Afterwards the ending to his Story Mode is revealed and the game sends you back to the Main Menu screen, the ending goes as followed.

"Someone had managed to transport Hank to another world, and organize a fierce ambush to greet his return. This sort of power is only in the hands of few, and Hank has a pretty good guess who it was this time. Someone's surely behind the curtain but if Hank can kill the reality-twisting clown, that's one step closer to an end to all this."


Nevada is home to the Madness world as well as being Hank's main level it consists of a top floor, a bottom floor, and an elevator that transport the player between the two. The stage itself consists of two hazards, one is shortly after the battle starts the level starts to saw itself apart causing one half to become unstable and fall off, the other hazard is every now and again Jesus will fly above the players and (if in the right angle) will shoot one of the unlucky combatants.


  • Hank is the only character to fight a wave of enemies at one time, fighting a total of 21 Grunts at the end of his Story Mode.
  • The Grunt is also a hidden playable character, he can be played by clicking Hank's glasses before the start of a match. However he has the exact same moveset as Hank and very poor health.

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