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Hank finishes off a grunt.
Track(s):Psy-Kaliber 2079
Release date:September 22, 2011
Running time:2:08
Protagonist(s):Hank J. Wimbleton
Main antagonist(s):Tricky
Body count:10
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Micmadness is a two minute short created by the stick figure animator Miccool for Madness Day 2011. The animation is similar to the actual series, yet the weapons are much more simple, and does not use sprites. The animation mainly focuses on a more dynamic feel along with impressive graphic effects.

The animation starts with a grunt pulling out a cigarette and lighting it, whilst the screen switches to show a machine gun being wielded by Hank J. Wimbleton. Then Hank blows off the grunt's head, and then enters the building that the grunt came out of and gets behind cover in the first room while two other grunts shoot at him. The two grunts have not even run out of ammo when Hank jumps out of his hiding place and shoots one of them, however, the dead grunt is still clutching the trigger and accidentally shoots the other grunt as he collapses. Then a third grunt appears and also shoots at Hank, but he kills this one too. When Hank enters the next room, he encounters three grunts: two wielding swords, and the third (who is presumed the leader) is wielding a fire axe; although Hank loses his rifle, he does manage to steal one of the swords and make short work of the trio. In the next room, one of the grunts tosses a grenade at Hank, but cannot see the results through the smoke, thus one of them checks, the other covers him with his rifle. The covering grunt sees a sword slash, then Hank's sword flies out of the smoke and kills the grunt by hitting him directly in the face.

After Hank retrieves his sword, he proceeds to the outside to a waiting Tricky. Hank and the clown engage in a large crusade throughout a small forest, but Tricky eventually gains the upper hand and slams Hank into one of the trees, where he pukes blood. After the fight is dragged on a little further, Hank is able to send his sword through Tricky's chest, and after tightening his grip, slashes the sword through Tricky's head, pulling it out. The last slide of the animation zooms into the upper left corner of Hank's head, then a graphic silhouette of blood concludes the animation.


  • This animation won the best movie award for Madness Day 2011.
  • Each time the animation cuts to Hank exiting a room, the same animation with Hank occurs each time, holding a gun, even though at the exit of the last room Hank is carrying a sword, not a gun.

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