Starting screen of Meet the Krinkels


Meet the Krinkels is a parody of Krinkels as The Heavy from Team Fortress 2, and him finding someone taking the Madness Combat series.


  • If you look closely, you can see that he was on Newgrounds, but then when he says "Who take my madness." his screen is just flashing red and black.
  • And if you hear closely, you can hear him say: Madness 12: Dramatisation, Madness 12: Defecation, Madness 12: Urination, Madness 12: Regurgitation, Madness 12: Legislation, Madness 12: Fumigation.
  • Krinkels02

    Ending screen of Meet the Krinkels

    MinionMan010 was a "Newbie" on Newgrounds who made an animation titled "Madness Combat 10", made a front drawing of the Mag Chamber, made his own background and used Hank's front view in his animation. Everyone believed he stole from Krinkels and some even thought that this user was the real Krinkels. MinionMan010 apologized for what he did but many users didn't accept the apology and still flamed his news pages and fill his mailbox.
    • However, the fact that everyone believe that he stole MC10 from Krinkels, was the reason for the main story of the movie.

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