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This page is for Madness Combat Resources, such as sprites for weapons, characters, etc.. .FLA file format only. Most of these sprites comes from Madness Combat Resources .

Madness Combat 1, MC2: Redeemer and MC3: Avenger

Resources for Madness Combat 1-3.

MC4: Apotheosis, MC5: Depredation and MC6: Antipathy

Resources for Madness Combat 4, 5, and 6.

MC5.5, MC6.5 and MC7.5

Resources for the ".5" episodes.

MC7: Consternation, MC8: Inundation, MC9: Aggregation and MC10: Abrogation

Resources for Madness Combat 7 and Madness Combat 8-10.


Resources for the Incidents.

Madness Interactive

Resources for Madness Interactive.

Madness: Project Nexus

Resources for M:PN.


Resources for Krinkels' other animations, such as the shorts.

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  • Adding resources

    3 messages
    • I'd suggest adding a link to it on the main page. Right now, nearly everyone has forgotten it.
    • I am making a .fla for Nexus. It's probably gonna take a while, Since I'm compiling it in HQ, and it's slow on mine.

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