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Madness Retaliation features an array of 20 different weapons, 20 different pieces of armor, and 20 different articles of head gear. This brings the possible combinations of equipment to 480 different ways to go about assigning gear to a squad member (more maths will have to be done to get the exact number of combinations for the whole squad, update pending). Listed below are the weapons you can find in lockers scattered around the facility, categorized by type: Melee, Pistols, Shotguns, SMGs, Rifles, and Machine Guns. Many weapons have special attributes that give you an edge in combat, such as spread shot and armor piercing bullets.

Listed below the weapons table is a chart of the special items you can collect. They are all passive items that do not need to be activated by clicking on them, but rather increase the effectiveness of items you already possess, such as the Super Medkit. Included also is a list of disposable items. These are items that you can collect but are somewhat limited in number. Means of obtaining these items are detailed in the right hand column.


Name Range Damage AP cost Special Attributes
Melee Combat Knife 1 3 2
Trench Knife 1 4 2
Hand Axe 1 5 2
Machete 2 4 2
Katana 1 8 2* Cleaving: Hits 2x3 around target
Warning Sign 3 8 2* Penetrating: Hits all targets in range
316 Sword 2 12 3* Armor Piercing: Ignores enemy armor
Sanford's Hook 8 4 2* Thrown weapon: 50% harder to evade, even at range
*Locked AP cost, CQBs do not get AP reduction
Pistols Glock 17 4 2 2
Beretta 92 4 3 2
Desert Eagle 4 4 2
S&W 500 4 4 2 Armor piercing: Ignores enemy armor
Shotguns Sawed-off shotgun 3 8 3 Spread shot: Hits 2x3 area around target*
Mossberg 500 4 6 3 Spread shot: Hits 2x3 area around target*
Auto-shotgun 4 4 2

Rapid fire: Fires faster than other shotguns

Spread shot: Hits 2x3 area around target*

*Splash damage can hurt allies too.
SMGs Ingram MAC-10 6 6* 3 None/JHP Ammo*
H&K MP5 7 5* 3

None/JHP Ammo*

*JHP Ammo: 75% chance to stun enemy and +2 Damage
Rifles Steyr AUG 7 5 3

Precise: Unlike other rifles, only hits one target

Armor Piercing: Ignores enemy armor

Machine Guns Bren Gun 6 12 3 Penetrating: Hits all targets in range
M60 5 16 3 Penetrating: Hits all targets in range

Special Items

Name Location Effect
Jesus' Halo Awarded upon Jesus' defeat Doubles the HP of entire squad and corresponding items (if an item gave a +2 HP bonus, it would now give a +4 HP bonus on top of the base 12 HP of each squad member), allows player to toggle enemy spawns on or off in areas they've already visited.
JHP Ammo Locker 23 Increases SMG damage, 75% chance to stun enemies.
Super Medkit Locker 25 Medkits heal 16 HP health instead of 8.
P.I.D. Awarded upon Tricky's defeat

Note: All uses use up one charge. Charges are gained by winning battles.

Revives characters that have died in battle. Sometimes revives one or all characters. When used outside of combat, teleports player to a random area that he/she has already visited. When clicked on in combat, it has a 52% chance to instantly kill one person in the room, 8% chance to make enemies MAG agents, 8% chance to make enemies tiny, 8% chance to kill your whole squad, 8% chance to shrink your squad, or 8% chance to kill EVERYONE in the room.

Advanced TAC Scanner

Locker 42

Let's you see the AP and AP gain of your enemies when wearing Saucy's headgear or the Advanced TAC mask.
DNA Vials Locker 44 Activates Final Battle.


Clicking on these photos will take you a page that shows their locations on the in-game map (as well as everything else in the lockers).

Disposable Items

Name Effect How to obtain
Heals squad member for 8 HP or 16 HP if you have obtained Super Medkit Found in Locker #1 / Dropped by enemies
Smoke Grenade
Smoke Grenade
Fills the room with smoke, decreasing the accuracy of everyone within Found in Locker #2 / Dropped by enemies
Flashbang MR
Stuns enemies, no effect on your team Found in Locker #7 / Dropped by enemies
P.I.D. (charges)
Random battle effects Charges awarded by winning battles.