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All Keycards

The four keycards

Scattered around the A.A.H.W. cloning facility are keycards which open doors to allow you to explore other areas of the facility. There are four keycards in total, all of them heavily guarded - either before or after acquiring the keycards, you'll have to survive a tough battle.
  • The Level 1 Keycard is located due east of your starting location, guarded by a group of grunts and 1337 agents wielding knives, Beretta 92s, Desert Eagles, and a vicious MAC-10. With cunning and basic battle strategies, you can eliminate them before they wipe out your whole team.
  • The Level 2 Keycard is in the room immediately west of where you battle The Savior, aka Jesus. Check this page for tips on winning the battle.
  • The Level 3 Keycard is found in a large, battered cage in the depths of the cloning facility (southeast section of the map). As soon as you take it out of the locker, four Mag zombies drop from the ceiling to prevent you from escaping. Be certain to pick up the JHP Ammo and/or Sanford's Hook before going in there, or this fight will be difficult.
  • The Level 4 Keycard is in the room immediately west of Tricky's boss room. Be prepared for a very hard fight against the crazy clown and his minions; this page has some advice on how to take them down.

If you still can't find the keycards, you can find a written guide by revolverroach here. Also, you can visit the Locker List to get a map of where to find every item.