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Hank killing agents

Beginning of the game.

Madness Regent is a Flash game based on the Madness series. It was released for Madness Day 2008. It does not relate to any Madness episode. It was made by Tom Fulp (the creator of Newgrounds) and Mindchamber (who also made With My Mind's Madness). As the artist is the same, many of the characters and locations appear the same in both With My Mind's Madness and Madness Regent). The player can only wield an MP5 with unlimited bullets.


The game starts off on the ground, where instructions on how to play are given. Then Hank (controlled by the player) jumps into a cannon and is launched up a building, where he kills 4 1337 agents. After fighting through the roof, he shoots out a skylight and jumps in. He then fights through a hall, and gets on an elevator. Jesus shows up and turns the 7 1337's Hank killed into zombies. On the elevator, in Madness Combat 2 style fashion, 2 enemies show up on top. One cuts a hole in the top, while the other fires into the elevator. Hank kills them both. Then 6 zombies show up. Once all are dead, the elevator crashes. Hank lives and continues, where he gets to....

Party time

Hank walks into a party,
where Tricky is the DJ. Hank kills the 4 grunts who are partying. Tricky continues his dance while the stereos starts firing in a pattern. Hank destroys both stereos and the music stops. Lava appears at the bottom, forcing Hank to jump up to a platform. Tricky dives into the lava, and it starts to rise. Hank makes it to the top, killing some 1337 agents who were guarding some platforms for whatever reason. Then Tricky rises out of the lava as Demon Tricky. Then a boss fight begins, and Hank wins. he then escapes through the roof, falls off, and lands on a giant marshmallow. A grunt walks out with a radio and plays some music and it says "And they danced..." The player then receives the medal "A Winner is you", which counts 25 medal points (if they played on Newgrounds).

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