Episode 1

Main Menu

Catastrophy - Cheshyre

[1-A] Jail

The Day Before - Cheshyre

[1-B] Armory

Duck and Cover - Cheshyre

[1-C] Com-Tower

Nuclear Mutation - Cheshyre

[1-D] Barracks

Fight or Flight - Cheshyre

[1-E] Recon Hut

Getaway - Cheshyre (also in the credits)

[1-F] Stronghold

Lost and Destroyed - Cheshyre

[1-G] Bar

[1-H] Nexus H.Q.

Salvation Closing - Cheshyre

Boss theme

Killbot[1] - Devin Martin

Episode 1.5


  1. Only short amount of this soundtrack is actually used in the game

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