Title screen of the game

Madness Lunacy is a Madness Combat flash game by Spudzy on Newgrounds. It repeats the events of Madness Combat 10: Abrogation. It was also inspired by Madness Abrogation by Krinkels and Madness Accelerant by TomFulp. 


The game starts in the room where Hank (in his MAG-form) wakes up and escapes from the Agent Magnification Chamber. On the floor lays the corpse of Deimos. Also in this room, you are shown some of the game's controls. In the next room, he meets Sanford

In the following outside area, the protagonists fight with a Mag Agent: V3 and the Auditor. After winning over the Auditor, he creates the rock on which he flees. A door appears, leading to several rooms where grunts, l33t agents and A.T.P. engineers are encountered.

In another room, Sanford and Hank  encounter a Mag Agent: V4 and a few A.T.P. engineers. After winning the battle, they can open a spike gate and pick up two Uzis

They proceed to an elevator which starts to go up. After killing all the enemies falling on the elevator, they reach the final area, where the Auditor absorbs corpses and increases in size. If they take the Uzis to this fight, they will be able to easily defeat the Auditor.

After your victory, the Auditor absorbs Tricky and explodes.

Characters and Enemies


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