The Arena zooms out to view the last enemy.

Madness Hydraulic is a flash game made by Tom Fulp and MindChamber of Newgrounds as a sequel to Madness Accelerant, which is a sequel to Madness Regent. It was made for Madness Day 2010. The game takes place in a three-story arena, where you play as Hank as you fight through up to 40 waves and upgrade your equipment, abilities, and defenses. The controls remain the same as the previous games. After each wave is complete, you are given your updated stats, and are prompted to either heal, upgrade your stats, place turrets, or begin the next wave. Every time you upgrade something, its upgrade price increases. First aid prices remain the same. If you die, you will be prompted to restart from the last wave you saved at. The game features two Newgrounds medals. A message pops up after beating wave 40 saying that you "win."

At certain waves, special gameplay elements are added;

  • Every fifth wave: Hydraulics are added during the wave, causing the arena to tilt back and forth, as you progress through waves, the tilting becomes more violent.
  • Wave 11 and every 10 waves after it ((21, 31 etc.)): Consists entirely of zombies, including Tricky.


  • Survivor- Survive wave 40 (50 medal points)
  • Lone Wolf- Complete the game without turrets (100 medal points)

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